Employee Spotlight – John Deeser

Our employee spotlight this month is John Deeser, our Facility & Food Service Manager at Trinity Rescue Mission. We are blessed to have John with us! He has a passion for his work and loves the people to whom he ministers.

What is more, he understands them, because he has been through the same thing. Here is a little bit of John’s story in his words:

"I was raised a preacher’s kid, but I ran away from all that and got involved in everything I shouldn’t. I pushed away my family and got involved with groups of people who weren’t good for me. Finally, I came to the point where it was either death or prison for the rest of my life. And I found myself at Trinity.

Trinity just kind of adopted me. There were so many people who invested in me. I went through the recovery program at the Mission in 2009. After that, by God’s grace, I began to put my life together. I am amazed by the grace of God in renewing my heart and mind in so many ways. I got married and became the executive chef for University Christian School in Jacksonville.
My wife had come from an abusive background, yet Trinity Baptist Church embraced the two of us and our kids. We felt completed accepted and found a place where we were at home and could grow spiritually.

When the opportunity opened to work here at Trinity Rescue Mission, I wasn’t sure it was the right place for me, but my wife, Jessy, and I prayed about it. We decided it was the right step.

I’m a chef by trade. I love to barbeque! A lot of people have the image of a homeless shelter as giving out some bread and soup. Not at TRM. We do big meals – full course meals.

I’ve been here a total of five years, in the position of manager for about a year. Before that, I ran the kitchen. As Facility & Food Service Manager, I also manage the volunteer teams here at the Rescue Mission, and make sure the facility is clean and in good operations. I love to get into the kitchen and cook and work with the guys.

Not too long ago, I was on stage at church during our worship service when I started feeling sick. I went home early and got tested. Sure enough, it was Covid-19. A couple of days later, I ended up in the hospital and didn’t come out for over a month. There was about a week during my time there when it didn’t look good, but the church took great care of Jessy and the kids. They set up a meal train so my family would be cared for.

Also, while I was in the hospital, a tree fell on our well. My small group leader and the guys in my small group raised money to get the well fixed. They got a pump and drill and did the whole thing. It was a rough experience, but it’s been amazing to have the church come alongside my family to care for us. I’m very, very thankful."

We are so thankful for John, his testimony, and the ways God has worked in His life.

It is a blessing to know that God has a perfect plan for each of us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the needy and hurting in our community through the ministry of Trinity Rescue Mission.

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