Finding Self-Love, Peace, and Rest After Tribulation: The Eddie Armstrong Story

Eddie Armstrong was introduced to crack cocaine in 1986.

The addiction destroyed his first marriage, took away his home, put him in and out of jail and prison, and landed him in a rehabilitation clinic in 2010. While he remarried after successfully completing rehab, his marriage ended after five years, forcing him to live with relatives and friends. This led to a relapse, but today Eddie has been drug-free since 2011.

While in recovery, Eddie still faces homeless and relationship challenges with his children and other family members. “My kids are grown and still can’t forgive me of my past in and out of prison,” he said. “I thought living with friends or family could be the solution, but it wasn’t.” Fortunately, Eddie was able to find a solution in Trinity Rescue Mission. “At the time, I [was] living with my nephew in a trailer park in an area called ‘Sin City’ and was tired of doing nothing with my life,” said Eddie. “[I] got a chance [to come to Trinity] after talking with Kevin, I thank God for him.”

Eddie now embraces this new life chapter and is no longer focused on others but prioritizing himself and his well-being. “I’m not worried about my kids because they’re grown,” he said. “I need to focus on me and maintaining my future.” Eddie thanks Christ (who he is working on building a relationship with) and Kevin for being a support system. He is also celebrates himself and highlight the importance of self-love and internal grace in his progress thus far. “I look back at my life and want more for me. At my age, I deserve peace, rest, and stability,” he said.

“Christ has always been my support, I just sometimes put Him on reserve.”

In the future Eddie looks forward to getting back on his feet now that he has Christ and Trinity as a foundation to stand on. “[My goals are] to save and budget money; find my own place; and stay connected with other Christians [through] my community, church, and friendships.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing addition or homelessness, please reach out to Trinity Rescue Mission in person or by calling (904) 355-1205. If you are interested in being a part of the Trinity Rescue Mission in terms of financial giving, in-kind donations, or donating your time as a volunteer, please visit the website by clicking here.


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