From Turmoil to Triumph: Danielle’s Story with Trinity Rescue Mission 

Danielle Gates arrived at Trinity Rescue Mission's Women and Children's Center seeking refuge for herself and her unborn twin babies back in February of 2023. Having familiarity with Jacksonville, she relocated from the Atlanta area and sought out Trinity Rescue Mission due to a previous memory of receiving a helping hand when she needed it most.

Three months after joining Trinity Rescue Mission’s Lifeline Program, Danielle welcomed her twins, Chase and Cindy, into the world. She saw Trinity Rescue Mission as a place of stability for her to regain her footing and a sanctuary for her children to thrive. Just as Trinity Rescue Mission’s newest additions grew physically, their mother experienced spiritual growth thanks to the support she received through her Lifeline and Recovery tracks. She acknowledged the strength and peace that a personal relationship with God brought to her life, even in the midst of turmoil.

Brick by brick, she built herself up, allowing God to lead the way and finding freedom in her daily walk with Him. Danielle wholeheartedly dedicated herself to her pursuits during her time at Trinity Rescue Mission, balancing classes, assignments, and other responsibilities with two infants in tow. She immersed herself in a Registered Nursing Remedial Program, completing the coursework and clinical hours necessary to pass successfully and secure a job in the near future.

Shortly after finishing the Registered Nursing Remedial Program, Danielle’s housing application was approved at an apartment complex near the hospital where she will soon be employed. Recently, she and her babies have moved into their own apartment, marking the beginning of their journey beyond the doors of Trinity Rescue Mission.

Trinity Rescue Mission is committed to equipping residents of our Women and Children’s Center with the physical resources and spiritual guidance necessary for their next steps. We are incredibly proud of Danielle and all of her hard work that has gotten her to this point!

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