John Deeser’s Story

“I came to Trinity Rescue Mission in late 2009, LOST. I had pushed away my children and embarrassed my family to the point where they could no longer have a relationship with me. I had hurt people physically, emotionally, and every other kind of way thinkable just to feed my need for drugs and a life that I thought was exciting. Needless to say, I never was satisfied, I never felt complete, I was a failure in everything I did. I had embarrassed my family, I could not maintain a relationship, and I was a horrible father. I did not see the point in living any more. 

Eventually my life choices put me in jail. While in jail, I remember praying ‘GOD help, I know you’re there.’  A few months later, my sister sent me some information about a program in Jacksonville, where she lived, that I should try. I read the information and talked to my sister on the phone a few times where she said, 

‘Look, this is it; this is your last chance.’ 

Coming to the program was a struggle for me from day one. I hated everyone and fought everything everyone said from the beginning. But the staff, for some reason, was patient and loving even when I was not. What broke the walls for me was the people here from the church and the staff at the mission. This sweet lady from the church, Mrs. Judy, who God used to bring me into a relationship with Him, used to come down and tell me how much she loved me and how Jesus loved me even though I did not love myself. Then I had men in the church like Brother Matt, Malcom and Bill that just started walking through life with me and showing me how to do life correctly and be the man God called me to be even to this day. 

I feel like our church adopted me and that is why I am where I am today. 

Today, I am serving as the Facility and Food Service Manager of the Trinity Rescue Mission; I also own my own lawn care business. I teach a class at the mission once a week called Stepping Up, teaching men how to be the men God called us to be. I have been married to my amazing wife, Jessica Deeser, for 7 years and we just recently closed on our first home together. I thank God for the new life I have (that I did not know I wanted) the struggles, His grace, and a church family that has seen, and continues to see me through.”

-John Deeser,  


  • It’s nice to see some things working as they should. Success stories seem to be few and far between these days. It’s heartwarming to see a program that truly helps people in need, but even better to see those people then giving back. Please keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for sharing this, John. Aren’t we thankful that God does not hold us responsible for our past, in fact, He forgets it. But He always continues to give us 2nd, 3rd chances to infinity. So glad you and your family call Trinity your home, and we’re thankful to be on the same serving team with you.


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