Kevin Kapner’s Story

Trinity Rescue Mission Restoring Faith During COVID-19 


Like many individuals before the start of 2020, Kevin Kapner was doing well with a stable career and a home. Then he lost it all, almost in an instant. 


“Unfortunately, it was a perfect storm,” stated Kapner. “The company I was working for went out of business due to COVID-19, and I lost my apartment about two weeks later.”  


Nowhere to go, Kapner felt shocked, alone, and hopeless. Feeling like he had lost everything, Kapner turned to Trinity Rescue Mission for help. “I was pretty destitute, so I came to Trinity.” From that point on, Trinity offered him not only spiritual empowerment, but physical and emotional empowerment as well. Kapner recalled Trinity’s generosity with much gratitude and fondness. “Trinity clothed me, fed me – both literally and spiritually – and kept a roof over my head. They also made it possible to get the proper medical care I desperately needed.”  


While living in Trinity housing, Kapner benefitted from the kindhearted donations of many people across the world – people like you. He also grew in his knowledge of God and trust. “I’ve learned a lot of truths here at Trinity. It’s not the things you see every day that are important, it’s what you don’t see that’s important.” 


Kapner also spoke of the key thing Trinity blessed him with – Trinity restored his faith.  


In the face of losing everything due to the pandemic, Trinity helped him see a different outlook on his situation. He recalled how God has really softened his heart in response to others as well. “God has worked on my heart and made it possible to understand people much better.” 


Over the past year, Trinity has touched Kapner’s life in unimaginable ways. From providing immediately needed shelter, a way to get medical care, and a spiritual community to grow in the form of Lifeline (a structured Christian program for men to defeat debilitating cycles and homelessness) – he is grateful for it all. Kapner, with much appreciation, stated that he was thankful for the staff and my brothers in the Lifeline Program.  


Trinity provided Kapner with a second chance at living a better life after dealing with the lows of the pandemic. “Trinity has restored me and made it possible to lead a much more meaningful and fulfilling life.” To Kapner, Trinity is home. 


If you or someone you know is dealing with homelessness, please reach out to Trinity Rescue Mission in person or by calling (904) 355-1205. If you are interested in being a part of the Trinity Rescue Mission in terms of financial giving, in-kind donations, or donating your time as a volunteer, please visit the website by clicking here. 

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