Kimberly Yawn’s Story

We can all agree on this: Life is hard.

We start out with hopes and dreams on the sometimes rocky road to happiness and fulfilment. Along the way there are potholes and detours coupled with questionable decisions on which fork in the road to take. Making wrong choices can result in the dead end of a destination never imagined, never intended. This is a journey that Kimberley Yawn has traveled, one of hopelessness, in part, to one of a life of purpose and meaning.

Kimberly has dealt with many challenges before coming to Trinity Rescue Mission. She admits that she was plagued by personal demons and guilt which she carried for over twenty years. After many failed attempts to handle things on her own, she turned to TRM for help, desiring the path to recovery while growing and strengthening her walk with Christ. Although Kimberly experienced set-backs, she completed the Lifeline for Women program and graduated. Her desire is to continue building her relationship with God, getting her life in order and finding restoration with her family and sister.

Challenges can occur at any time, but Kimberly maintains her focus on the love of God, and the people who have put faith in her. The trust she has in the day-to-day process, along with a strong will to live victoriously, is paramount.

After recently returning to TRM for further guidance, Kimberly feels gratitude for the caring concern of the staff who never gave up on her. Healing and thankfulness to God for His strength has increased her resolve and faith. Thankfully, this has led to Kimberly securing employment to help her continue her life of purpose.


Speaking of her experience with TRM, these are her heartfelt words:

“I have a lot of feelings when I think of this place. First and foremost, it helped save my life. With TRM and God in the forefront, I have learned to have specific tools to be able to continue my recovery. It has helped me with past trauma and hurts that I was never able to do on my own. I now have peace, even though there is still healing to do. But without TRM, it never would have taken place. With God and through them, I’m starting to get my family back and that means the world to me. I look forward to a future and living a truly happy life. In my recovery process, the staff at TRM never gave up on me, something I will never forget and will always cherish. I’m so thankful and blessed to all the staff and the love given here at Trinity Rescue Mission. ”

For Kimberly and countless others like her, the Lifeline for Women at TRM is truly that: a lifeline. Many have embraced and been helped by this highly structured residential program designed to guide women spiritually and physically to break the chains of addictions that lead to homelessness and helplessness. If you would like to learn more, please visit

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