Life Change at Trinity Camp

As the spread of COVID-19 began to make headlines, Trinity Rescue Mission began taking several precautions to protect both its workers and guests. The mission recognized the danger for high-risk individuals and decided to move the most vulnerable men to Trinity Camp and Retreat Center, where they could stay in a safe environment. While at the camp, these men have begun to work on small projects around the property, helping to keep the facilities functional. This time at the camp helped them not only to build back a healthy work ethic, but also to grow spiritually.

Dave Bolan, one of the men selected to go to the camp, spent five weeks at the Rescue Mission prior to going. This was not his first time in the program, however. Dave tried to defeat his addiction before, yet he relapsed for two years. Dave says the reason he fell back into addiction was because he tried to do things alone. When he became overwhelmed, he never reached out to anyone and never held himself accountable.

But this time, through the program, Dave wanted to do things differently. For Dave, one of the biggest components of recovery is finding a purpose again. Helping around the camp with various projects, Dave began to find that purpose, knowing that he was able to help others through his actions. He also found the slow pace of the camp refreshing, making it easier for him to grow in Christ. During his time at the camp, Dave has connected to a small group – a place where he and the other men can figure things out together while holding each other accountable. Once he returns to normal life, Dave wants to become connected to another small group as quickly as possible. He believes that with the healthy habits he has been able to establish during this time and the added accountability, he can finally overcome his addiction.

God can bring good from even the worst situations. Though the pandemic may have brought with it several difficulties, it also gave opportunities for men like Dave to grow in Christ. Please pray that God will continue to work in these men’s lives.

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