Meet Rob Carryl – Advocate for the Homeless

We had the opportunity to chat with Rob Carryl recently about his ongoing support of Trinity Rescue Mission and thought you might be encouraged by the conversation.

First of all, Rob is a born-and-raised in Jacksonville guy, going to westside schools Stilwell and Ed White High School. Thirty-two years ago, Rob went to work for Reliance Supply at an entry level position, worked his way up the ladder, and is now President of the company.

So, how did a young man who is seemingly living the American dream get connected with the homeless, and better yet, why? Years ago, a good friend invited Rob to a church service where he was introduced to an arm of the ministry which was serving the needs of the homeless here in his hometown. After many visits, Rob felt the need to get more involved by volunteering his time at Trinity Rescue Mission, and eventually teaching a class there.

Rob felt compelled to get further involved by giving financially to the Mission, and he has done so faithfully for many years. With obvious gratitude, he states,

“Being homeless is not their choice, or necessarily their fault. Except for God’s grace, it could be me.”

Recently, the Board of Directors at Trinity Rescue Mission tapped Rob for a seat on their board. He views this as an opportunity to have more avenues to integrate fully in the overall operations and cast future vision. He says he has been amazed to observe first-hand how much TRM can do with far less revenues than that of other social organizations in the area.

“They all do good work, we are not competitors, we’re partners, but they are operating on a budget five times larger than ours.”

Last year, TRM served over 250,000 meals to the homeless and provided 85,000 nights of shelter. In addition, 130 people were connected with employment, all reasons to celebrate God’s grace. But programs like these require donation dollars on a regular basis. However, these numbers impress Rob and others like him to share their treasures in the form of regular donations.

Rob observed the Rescue Mission is not only seeing men lined up on the sidewalk; it’s also home of refuge and hope to women and children. This is an area that needs consistent funding and community awareness to help these families feel safe and hopeful.

In addition to meeting daily requirements of those in need, the Mission itself needs ongoing funds to strengthen the actual buildings. Rob feels that the homeless deserve the dignity that a first-class facility provides. He sees the need for our community to have more corporate involvement as well as raising the awareness of all that Trinity Rescue Mission offers. Our success stories are many and need to be shared. The result, to God’s glory, will bring people who have a heart for the homeless and who will be impressed to become sustaining donors, give of their time and share their talents.

Wondering how to begin?

● Start – Now
● Give – Time, abilities and money
● Do – As much as you can

We want to thank Rob for sharing his story, one of giving generously in many forms. We hope it encourages others to share the gifts that God has given freely.

For more information about the programs and successes at Trinity Rescue Mission, please go to

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