Nikita Alexander’s Story

Nikita Alexander came to us in July of 2019 in need of a change in her life. She wanted to make better choices, but needed guidance, opportunity, and support. She wanted to be better for herself and her daughter. Walking through our doors, Nikita had a desire and pushed herself to achieve it. Read Nikita’s story to see her journey that she has been on while with us at Trinity Rescue Mission.

“I came to Trinity back in July of 2019. I was tired of the lifestyle that I was living and wanted a better life for my daughter. I could see no change in my life, and I had to make a choice and my choice was Trinity. When I came to Trinity, I was given a room for my daughter and myself. They supplied me with all the things I needed at that moment. Coming into the Trinity Program I was given a lifeline packet. To me, that was a great start, but I still felt like I need something more. I had seen that they had a recovery program, so that day I sat outside the class and listened. It was just what I needed to make that big change in my life. I was accepted into the recovery program and I graduated. After graduating, I got a seasonal job and saved some money. Six months had passed, and I was at a crossroads. There was so much I could work on to better myself; I felt as if this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that I could not sit back and do nothing and waste it. I talked to the three of the most amazing staff at the shelter Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Tolbert.
They all supported me in going back to school to get my high school diploma. So, I enrolled in Penn-Foster. Shortly after enrolling in school, I reached out to the Key to Drive Program to see what I could do about my license, which I never had before. These wonderful women of God continued to help me on my journey.

June 28, 2020, I graduated and received my high school diploma. On August 20, 2020, I became a full-time college student. December 4, 2020, I got my driver’s license. By Trinity giving me these opportunities, it also allowed me to build my credit. I now have a wonderful job that I love and was able to save money to buy a car. The best part of it all was being able to be a better role model for my daughter. She often tells me how proud and thankful she is for all the hard work I have done. My reply is always ‘No baby, it was all God.’ Thank you, Trinity, for all you do.”

Nikita, you have accomplished so much! You have become an amazing role model for not only your daughter but for other women at the mission. We have enjoyed watching you grow as a person and accomplish all your goals!
We’re so thankful to everyone who has helped us facilitate life change here at the mission. It takes generous people like you to help those in our community. Every donation we receive is an opportunity for us to reach people like Nikita! You can change a life today through donations of clothes, supplies, cooking needs, and even monetary donations. We’re so blessed to be able to help the homeless community in our city!

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