See How God Changed Everything for Marica Paco

This is Marica Paco’s story of how God can come into our lives and change everything!

“I am a resident of Trinity Rescue Mission, currently residing with my youngest children, Braydin and Cole. I am a mother to 3 older children as well, Isaiah (21), Selena (19), and Sirena (18), as well as a grandma to two granddaughters and one on the way. When I came here, the main thing that came across my mind was, ‘I cannot do this right, along with, how can I do this? I have my boys; they do not need this. they need a home.’ We came here at the time of the shutdown. I think I prayed more than ever.

Since I have been here, my outlook on life has truly changed, so different. I realized God has a purpose for me and my kids. I need to be here so I can gain that spiritual growth even more. It is not so much of what I want, but what God needs me to do, to be where He needs be to be. So many times, I feel like I cannot make it because of short comings, disappointments, even because of family.

I labeled myself the black sheep. I have been through the rain and the storms; starting as young as 4 years old, with both physical and sexual abuse from my father. Then 13 years of abuse from my children’s father. I kept asking God how much more; come on God, I am tired, while screaming that I needed a peace of mind.

Here is the thing – I am here sharing this, I have made it! I am here only because God made it possible. In life we ask God to give us signs and we pray for things. He continues to do all these things by giving us free will, but when He says enough is enough, He is saying ‘peace be still.’ We choose our own path because it looks good. It looks like man, I got this, everything is going right, when, in reality, it’s the devil.

40 years later, I have found a peace of mind from God in a local shelter; something I never expected to find. In ending this, I want to say that I’m a living testimony of how God changes us, molds us, and give us a new birth called salvation.” – Marica.

Since being at Trinity Rescue Mission, one of Marica’s sons, Braydin Blanco, has received Christ as his Savior.

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