William Jenkins: Coach, Mentor, Father, Friend

William “Coach” Jenkins has been part of Trinity Rescue Mission for the past 8 years. He came to us needing guidance in his life, but little did we know how much we needed him. In 2013, Coach walked through our doors and immediately started changing his life as well as the lives around him. Upon arriving, he made an impact on not only the men in the Lifeline Program, but also the staff.

Through his struggle to recovery, he never hesitated to reach out and help someone. Coach came to Trinity for help and what ended up happening was him helping everyone. Coach was the motivator and mentor a lot of the men needed, and even the father figure that many of them lacked.

Coach got his name from many years of coaching baseball at Terry Parker and other community fields. Many of the men he knew at the mission were coached by him when they were younger.

For the past year, Coach was a part of our Trinity Retreat Camp, Trinity Rescue Mission, and Trinity Freedom Farm, where he was able to influence and change the lives of those around him.

On Friday, February 26, 2021, at 72 years old, Coach peacefully went home to be with the Lord. We would like to take this time to honor him by sharing some personal stories and memories that the staff had with him.

John Deeser

My fondest memory of Coach was pulling up every morning and walking past the front desk and him looking over the front desk and saying, “Hey, doesn’t look like you got a cup of coffee in your hand. I heard they got hot coffee and sausage biscuits at McDonald’s.” I would say, “Do you reckon we should go check and see?” His face would brighten up and he’d get all happy and giddy and we would jump in the truck and go. That was our morning ritual for years.

Barry Luxenberg

I have known Coach since the first time he walked through the doors. Coach loved to talk to me about Trinity Christian Academy football since my son was the center on the team. Coach went to many games with me and was always talking about how great our team was. I remember when Coach did not want to go to the Farm, so I took him for a ride to the school one afternoon to see the kids practicing football. Well, little did he know we were heading to the Farm where he said he would just stay for a couple of weeks. Coach fell in love with the guys and the Farm, and that is where he spent the rest of his days. Billy (Coach) Jenkins was a big part of the Farm family and all the guys just loved him.

Coach will be missed by all. 

Tanja Tolberts

I first met Coach as an intern at Trinity. He was angry at himself and life. Over time Coach became what I refer to as my sunshine. Other people were shocked to hear me refer to him as sunshine. They just could not understand how I saw sunshine in someone so angry. I did not see Coach as a resident or client at Trinity, I saw the finished work. By that I mean, I showed him love when he needed it, correction in his mistakes, and joy in his eyes when I yelled, “my sunshine,” and gave him a hug.

1 Corinthians 5:1

“For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”

Everyone at Trinity Rescue Mission is so thankful and honored to have been part of Coach’s journey home. We pray God will be with all his friends and family during this time.

Coach, we can’t wait to walk with you in the kingdom and with our savior!

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