We Offer A Lifeline

Many men, women and children who come to Trinity Rescue Mission for Emergency Services turn to our Lifeline Program* for additional help. Lifeline, located in downtown Jacksonville and also in a rural setting in St. John’s County, helps individuals put the pieces of their life back together through a biblical framework. We create a safe, sober environment and coach our clients using services tailored to their individual needs including housing, employment, life skills and much more in a program that can last 3-18 months.

Our tailored services can include classes on budgeting, parenting, or job skills; links to mental health services; addiction recovery support; education guidance and enrollment; or simply accessing child-care. We also empower our clients to choose alternate routes to recovery that best fit their unique situations, as they work alongside their Lifeline coach. Using approaches unique to the individual, we work with our clients, not on them.

It is our goal that by offering these various services, we can build skills that encourage:

  • Accountability
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Community Support
  • Employment
  • Healthy Habits
  • Housing Opportunities
  • Life Skills
  • Money Management Skills
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Structure
  • Time Management Skills
  • Work Ethic

For children ….play room, events, babysitting, parenting, educational support

While their immediate needs are being provided, they are learning life skills through programs like Lifeline, that will help them build a brighter, more sustainable future.


With your help, Trinity Rescue Mission takes hundreds of men, women, and children from a place of fear, helplessness, and feeling stuck to a place of safety, hope, and support.

* Note: Lifeline Program lengths may vary based on individualized approaches for each client. Additionally, Lifeline can host mothers with male children up to the age of 12.


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