Recovery Stories

From lost, to found, hear these impactful stories of recovery and grace.

Shannon’s Story

Meet Shannon. Listen to her story of how she and her children went from living on the streets with absolutely nothing and ended up at TRM to finally find hope.

Emmett’s Story

Meet Emmett. Listen to his story about how God never left him in his time of need.

Joseph’s Story

“I’ve been sober for over a year and a half now, and I feel so much better. I can taste my food, I can breathe, everything looks so much clearer. I feel like I have a purpose, but it’s only because of Jesus Christ that I feel that way.”

Sandra’s Story

Listen to Sandra’s heartbreaking story of how God lifted her up from what seemed an impossible situation and mended her broken heart.

Vincent’s Story

Meet Vincent! A true testament to God working at Trinity Rescue Mission! Listen to his story and share with your friends!

Brandon’s Story

Brandon grew up in a typical home in a typical neighborhood. Unfortunately, wrong choices and relationships impacted his life in a very negative way. In this video, Brandon shares how Trinity Rescue Mission helped him to turn that all around.

Jennifer’s Story

Meet Jennifer! Jennifer has an amazing story of hope and redemption.

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