Coronavirus – What We’re Doing

We are working harder than ever to protect the guests, volunteers and staff who are part of the Trinity Rescue Mission. We have taken extra precautions to prepare for different scenarios.

We are continuing to serve the more than 250 men, women, and children who stay with us each night.

We have relocated 19 of our most vulnerable guests to a camp close by. This isolation allows us to increase the safety for each of these individuals. It also allows us to utilize our Downtown campus to continue to house hundreds more.

We have boosted all cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities. Every counter, sink, door knob (and more) are cleaned every hour on the hour. All common areas are thoroughly cleaned daily and sanitized throughout the day. All bed linen is washed daily to ensure the killing of any germs.

We are continuing to educate and remind staff and guests of proper hygiene and cleaning protocols.

We have reduced the contact between our locations, including food service deliveries and staff visits to avoid cross-contamination between locations.

We are working with others in the City who are also deeply concerned about protecting the homeless.

What You Can Do

Pray. Pray for the continued protection of our amazing staff who continue to labor selflessly and lovingly. Pray for the Mission and for wisdom as we seek new ways to serve while adhering to the ever-changing guidelines. Pray for the protection of our homeless neighbors. Pray that we would keep our eyes on Jesus.

Help cover the COVID-19 expenses. Please prayerfully consider how you can support or have others support the Mission so that our homeless neighbors will know that they’re valued and they’re loved, by us, by you, and by God, no matter their circumstances. A one-time gift to offset the cost of responding to the COVID-19 crisis would be greatly appreciated.

Provide much needed supplies from our needs list.

For your convenience, you may shop for some of these items from the comfort of your home and have them shipped directly to the Mission.

Become a Partner in Hope. Please consider joining a group of monthly givers who are on a mission to provide food, shelter, clothing and life-changing programs to the most vulnerable people in our city.

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