From Hopelessness to Hope: The Bruce Conage Story

Bruce Conage came to Trinity Rescue Mission with the feeling of hopelessness and heaviness. Going down some dark and cold roads in his life, he realized he needed support immediately.

“I needed help to fix the brokenness of my life,” said Bruce. “I was told about Trinity Rescue Mission and the help I could get there.”

Bruce needed someone to show him how to come back from hopelessness and depression from life changes. “Being at the lowest point in life, I yelled out for help from God and where I could go,” said Bruce. “Then I remembered a friend told me about Trinity [and what they] did to help him get his life back on the right track.”

Bruce’s decision to reach out to Trinity was life changing. “Since day one, I felt I made the best decision,” he said. “When I woke up the next morning feeling like I was around family.” By the following week Trinity Rescue Mission started teaching Bruce the basic principles of life with wisdom, while ensuring his medical needs were met. “I began to thank God for Trinity and the people put in place to help and pray for me, and teach me about leadership,” he said. He is now beginning to have hope for his goals, such as getting a car and a job, and his mental and physical health are restored. Bruce feels more whole and more healed now.

“My God knows I’m thankful for Trinity Rescue Mission for all they have done so far,” said Bruce. “I give special thanks for the talks I’ve had with Kevin Williams, Barry, and Darryl [who are] leaders and men of God. Thank you, guys, I will never forget you.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, please reach out to Trinity Rescue Mission in person or by calling (904) 355-1205. If you are interested in being a part of the Trinity Rescue Mission in terms of financial giving, in-kind donations, or donating your time as a volunteer, please visit the website by clicking here.


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